50 Great Books on Writing You Seriously Need to Check Out

Hi Jane,
50 books on writing

“If you aren't reading, then you are likely not a writer” 

I believe honesty is what I owe you as a writer and also as a reader of this blog.

 And in the spirit of being honest, I’d like to tell you that writing and perfecting your skill in a vacuum won't help you grow more than you've already grown.

It takes thorough research and a zillion amount of information to steer you ahead in the right direction in any skill you find yourself learning at any point in time.

That said, it takes information, in-depth information to become good in the field you’re targeting. That’s why I compiled 50 epic books on writing to act as a rich resource  on writing. These huge resources can be of help to you as a writer.

So without wasting much time, these are the 50 books on writing that you must read at least, in 2014 and beyond.

3. Ernest Hemingway on Writing - Ernest Hemingway

7. The Writing Life -  Annie Dillard

9. How to Speak and Write Correctly -  Joseph Devlin

10. The Artist’s Way - Julia Cameron

11. The War of Art - Steven Pressfield

14. Pen on Fire - Barbara DeMarco-Barrett

19. English Grammar For Dummies - Geraldine Woods

21. Write Good or Die - Scott Nicholson

22. Write On! -  Dan Mulvey

23. Becoming a Writer - Dorothea Thompson Brande

25. Why I Write - George Orwell

27. Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life - Natalie Goldberg

34. Write from Life - Meg Files

35. The Little Red Writing Book -  Brandon Royal

36. Keys to Great Writing -  Stephen Wilbers

37. Manuscript Makeover - Elizabeth Lyon

Fiction and Nonfiction Writing

These books covers topics on learning how to develop plots, characters development, how to write your short stories, names suggestion and development etc.
I hope you find them informative enough when you finally get to read them.
These are the books -

41. On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction - William Knowlton Zi sser         

42. Stein On Writing - Sol Stein

43. Writing Fiction for Dummies Randy Ingermanson

44. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers - Dave King, Renni Browne

45. Plot And Structure - James Scott Bell

47. The Writer’s Journey - Christopher Vogler

48. Writing the Breakout Novel - Donald Maass

49. Getting Into Character - Brandilyn Collins

50. Story Engineering - Larry Brooks

That’s it all. I hope you'll enjoy reading them.

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                                                     Thanks for reading.


  1. Hello,

    Wow that's really a great list of awesome books, I think I've read mots of the mentioned book but I'm gonna try all of them.

    thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Samir,
      It's good to hear that you've read most of the books. Goodluck with reading the rest. Thanks for your comment.