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Heck! You Have Just 8secs to Catch Your Blog Visitor's Attention [INFOGRAPHIC]

Yeah, it’s alarming.
human focus
Believe me; I know how hard it is to get people to actually read what we writers write up on daily basis. And recently, I was confounded with a recent discovery that readers attention span drastically reduced to 8 seconds.

 How can this be? What can be done to make them actually read a post or an ebook? Which talisman are we writers missing?

Yes. . . I thought of all these questions and came up with no answer. But however, I went ahead to do a little research and came up with some few tips to apply in other to get your readers' attention to your articles again.
So without wasting much time, below are 3 ways to REALLY catch your readers’ 8 Secs focus span and make them stick to your writing.
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The Complete Dummy’s Guide to IELTS writing

ielts writing
Hi Jane, 

Of course, this doesn't mean that anyone reading this guide at the moment is a dummy or something close to that name. 

The title is just my own way of saying, “This is guide is a thorough breakdown of IELTS Writing, which anyone, even a dummy can read, apply and understand”.

That said, before I proceed to the main part of the writing, I'll like to formally introduce to you what the IELTS writing is all about.

So what exactly is IELTS writing?
The full meaning of the IELTS stands for “International English Testing System”, and it’s an international test used to assess how proficient students are in the English Language. The IELTS test assesses the candidates’ ability to communicate in English across all four language skills – listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
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And there are precisely 2 types of the IELTS Test. We have -

          The Academic IELTS:
This is planned for those who want to register in universities and other institutions of higher education and for professionals such as medical doctors and nurses who want to study or practice in an English-speaking country.

          General Training IELTS:
This is projected for those planning to embark on non-academic training or to obtain work experience, or for immigration purposes.
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50 Great Books on Writing You Seriously Need to Check Out

Hi Jane,
50 books on writing

“If you aren't reading, then you are likely not a writer” 

I believe honesty is what I owe you as a writer and also as a reader of this blog.

 And in the spirit of being honest, I’d like to tell you that writing and perfecting your skill in a vacuum won't help you grow more than you've already grown.

It takes thorough research and a zillion amount of information to steer you ahead in the right direction in any skill you find yourself learning at any point in time.

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100 Motivational Quotes to Stop You From Giving Up as a Writer

Hi Jane,
writing failure
I’ve noticed rather keenly to the fact that people, including writers all think that “writing is hard” and I agree with them completely.

Sometimes, you just feel like giving up and becoming a failure as a writer all because of the writer’s block that won't leave you alone. Other times, writing badly makes you want to abandon writing for good. 

And oftentimes, you wanting to leave the writing craft behind might be due to the fact that you haven't be able to complete that book or you haven’t made a dime as a freelancer since you started.

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Top 8 Epic Time Management Tips for Writers

Hi Jane,
how to be time management conscious

I’ve discovered that, often, the way we execute projects swiftly or slowly is proportional to exactly how productive we engage our time. And the ugly truth is that time doesn't wait for no man.

That being said; let me take you on a little journey. Just imagine this scenario:

Poor John is sitting lazily on the chair and busily chewing on one of his left fingernails amid watching the late night football match showing presently on the coloured TV in front of him. 

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Wether vs weather vs whether - How to Differentiate Them

Hi Jane,
wether vs weather vs whether

In today’s Misused Words Series I'd be showing you how to differentiate 3 homonyms that are quite confusing because of their near spellings.

These words are Wether, weather and whether.

How can you differentiate these 3 words?

To know their differences, you'll need to look deep into their dictionary meanings.


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